Gate of the Natore Palace !

The Rajbari (Palace) is situated in Natore, a district town of Bangladesh. It was the zamindari headquarters of the Royal family of Natore. Mr. Ramjivan is the real founder of the this Raj family, made his headquarters at Natore and built most of the Rajbari complex, the tanks, temples, orchards and flower gardens. Originally, Natore was a small settlement under Taraf Kanaikhali in Lashkarpur Pargana.Nator

The present complex has an area of 37.20 acres of land, was enclosed within two rings of defensive moats, originally known as Chai Bhangar Beel. Silt and weed-choked tanks, surrounding the derelict ruins of seven surviving detached palace blocks now mark the moats. Subsequently, the palace complex was considerably developed and extended by Rani Vabani.

Queen Vabani is a famous character in Bangladesh, she was respected and known for her administrative excellence, leadership, personality, generosity, and judgment. She did numerous development work in the area and facilitated philanthropic contribution for the people.

I travelled to this place in April 2017. The place is amazing, the sweetmeat “Kacha Golla” and my favorite poet Jibonanada Dash’s Poem “Banalata Shen” is attached with Natore.


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