Crematorium at Pashupatinath


Bagmati River is actually an extremely sacred river for all Hindus it can be compared with Ganga river of India. Pashupatinath is the Nepali equivalent of Baranasi. The cremation ghats along the Bagmati are the city’s most important location for open-air cremations. Currently, though the place is clogged with garbage and black with pollution.

Hindus wrap the body in a cloth and lay them along the riverbank, then cremate on a wooden pyre in a surprisingly professional way. Inevitably this is the most interesting aspect to Pashupatinath and it’s a powerful place to contemplate notions of death and mortality.

At the north end of the ghats are a series of caves, used as the shelters since medieval times and still occupied by meditators today. The place creates an Aura of spirituality and divinity.


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